Tuesday, May 3, 2011

we are going to seoul!

jx has a business trip to seoul from 6 june. so he asked if i would be able to take leave from work and go with him. so i checked with my sis, who always sweetly tries to say yes to my requests.

so tada! we will be going seoul from 4th june midnight to 12th june.


i'll be flying business class!

it is my 1st time, and i'm uber excited. we have miles from SIA, and coincidentally, there were only business class tickets available for me when he wanted to book. so we are only paying 300 for taxes :P i think it is such a great deal though he keeps saying thats a hell lot of miles used for 1 pax :P

for the trip, he'll be at meetings most of the times but we have time to shop around together during the weekends. anyway... i'll be walking around seoul myself and i hope i'll enjoy it!

can't wait! :)

the wedding

so happy that i (we) no longer have to think and plan and worry about wedding prep :)

thanks to our lovely and fantabulously helpful and capable friends, everything went smoothly and i don't think there were much hiccups (if any) worthy of mention.

the day went passed quickly with so much fun. the dinner finished early, at 10.30pm and everyone could go home and rest well for the next day's work. fullerton was fabulous and we had lots of compliments about the food. I didnt fall down the stairs during march-in, although i could almost hear everyone's bated breath as we took the scary steps. :P

if there's anything i wanna pick and tear apart.. i would say...

if you receive any invitation to a wedding, you do not simply ignore all the facebook messages, emails and smses. if you genuinely cannot make it, (or really just don't want to go for whatever silly reasons), let the couple know so they can plan and make arrangements. so that they dont have to stare at the wall and wait for your reply before they can do anything else to get things going. i simply do not understand how these cases can happen, especially when we invite people whom we think have a good relationship with either of us, and would really enjoy the invitation.

or, if you have accepted the invitation enthusiastically (and even asked if your husband can join), you do not wait till the wedding day, at 5pm even(!) to sms the couple and let them know that you (and your husband) are unable to attend. you have no idea how much of a headache this creates to everyone in the wedding party.

fortunately, our superbly super wedding party was able to resolve issues and told us to relax and leave anything to them. so grateful and thankful for these people in our life, really. :)

ok, rave and rant over, for now. so tempted to post this on facebook so that those anonymously guilty people mentioned above can read and feel bad! :P

2 and a half months and going..


ooops, it has been quite a while isnt it? was only updating the wedding blog ever since we set it up and (ahem) i have also neglected it after the wedding happened :P

how's life after the wedding? well i guess i'm still getting used to it :)

it ain't bad at all but i do miss living with my mum - not being able to sit beside her every night, with her watching the tv and me using my laptop. i think (and she has obviously told me) that she feels lonely at home after her work, with my bro being often away, out at sea or taking trips. but i do make it a point to go home every monday when i dont have work and she has her off day. so i sort of hope that this makes up for my absence and that she wont feel too deserted.

other than that, and not feeling the morale at work, life's been good :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wedding Blog



less then 2 months to go! yikes!

Thursday, July 15, 2010